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About Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services is passionate about supporting all New Parents


Hello, and a welcome to all!

It’s also with a sense of pride that we are able to help others during their first pregnancy. Moreover, to provide the knowledge that is necessary for one to maintain a ‘Healthy State of Mind’ during this time of life.

Qualifications & History

As someone with a degree in Psychology from the University of Adelaide -(South Australia), It’s easy to understand my desire to help others who might be undergoing some stress or anxiety during their first pregnancy. In addition, my formal studies have also allowed me to write a book on Child Developmental Psychology and to create this website.

The aim of the ‘New Parent Forum’

One of life’s greatest experiences is when one becomes a parent for the first time, that’s why this forum has been developed to act as a support platform, in other words, to assist individuals who are unable to acquire to knowledge or the support from others in their time of need. Knowing of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out and leave a message



Alex Monroe, BA. Psych.

Founder of Mental Health Services (South Australia)

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